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Release liner productuing

We develop and produce various release liner and film according to the customers’ requests e.g. material, ability of peeling.
The features of gravure coating of Fujiko
Fujiko develops and produces release paper/film according to the requirement (material, structure, peel strength, etc.) and usage (labels, adhesive tape, processing paper, construction materials, etc.) of the customers.

  • We use one of three coating methods, which are solvent dilution heat hardening method, solvent dilution UV hardening method and without solvent UV hardening method, according to the requirement to realize various peel capacity and coating of non heat-resistant materials which used to be difficult to be coated.
  • Using together with gravure printing made it possible to produce colored release paper/film. We can also offer products with designs by using a specific printing plate.
  • We can offer release paper / film added various functions by combining silicone coating with static prevention materials or anchor coat.
  • Because we have an integrated manufacturing system in our own factory we can quickly deliver the products of combinations of various types of coatings with embossing, slitting or adhesive processing.
  • Clean coaters and clean slitters make it possible to produce cleaner release film.
    (* There are some exceptions for some products.)
Examples of available material
Polyester Industrial PET (transparent/milky white), foamed PET
Polypropylene OPP, CPP
Polyethylene LDPE (milky white/transparent), HDPE (milky white/transparent), etc.
Other types of
plastic films
There are kinds of film on which silicone doesn't get hardened. We run an availability test for a special type of film the customer specified.
Paper Bond paper, tissue paper, glassine paper, semi glassine paper, etc.
Products list
  • General Release liner
    It has the most basic structure with one or both side of the base material coated with silicone.
  • Release liner with different 
strength of silicone on each side
    It is coated with different peel strength silicone on each side of various base materials. It can be used for an adhesive sheet with high tack on both sides.
  • Static prevention
processed Release liner
    Backside of the Silicone model or under the peel processed coat is coated with static prevention material.
  • Colored Release liner
    It is colored on the backside of the Silicone model or under the peel processed coat and the middle layer of the base material by rotogravure.
  • Fluorosilicone release liner
    It is a PET based Release liner with fluorosilicone, a special kind of silicone. A light peel strength is realized with a kind of silicone adhesive which doesn't work with normal silicone well.
  • Non silicone Release liner
    It is a PET based Release liner used when it's enable to use silicone (enable to transfer silicone) because of the usage.
  • Manufacturing system overview
    The features and specifics of our manufacturing system.
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