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Hydrophobic/oleophobic paper producing

We manufacture hydrophobic/oleophobic paper according to the customers’ needs, do collaborative research and development and produce trial products.
  • We use eco-friendly fluorine of global trend which doesn't contain PFOA.
  • It complies with the safety standard of former Health and Welfare Ministry notification No. 370.
  • It can be processed on normal paper which had been difficult with conventional method.
  • The ability can be added to the materials which has difficulties to be ensured performance like base material of cation, with rosin sizing agent or with aluminum sulfate for the conventional method and the materials which has difficulties of fluorine to be fixed like synthesis paper or synthesis resin membrane.
  • Rotogravure technology is applied to this coating technology which can realize its performance on the front side of base material and affect the back side very little so secondary processing like laminating is rather easy.
  • It can be printed on it because it is an outside processing with rotogravure technology and the capability isn't degraded on the surface of the ink used.
Product capability
Oleophobic capability 3Mkit 10 or above
Hydrophobic capability R 8 or above
Maximum capability realized 3Mkit16 Hydrophobic R10
We spent 3 years to develop this oleophobic technology. This product has obtained the patent as 'WATER/OIL REPELLENT PACKAGING MATERIAL' on November 2012 (Patent No. 5131462).

We continue developing the oleophobic technology to pursue the limitless application capability and respond to requirements of each customers. It continues improving.

Please consult us if you have trouble about hydrophobic or oleophobic.
Usage example
• Wrapping food, etc.
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